The Watermark High

The Watermark High is the alias of Johannesburg based electronic musician & producer, Paul van der Walt.

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The Watermark High - “Loneliness As An Art Form”

“Loneliness As An Art Form” (2009)

“Loneliness As An Art Form” is The Watermark High’s debut album and was independently released as a limited edition digi-pack CD (copies still available), and is currently digitally distributed world wide (see download retailers list below). It was The Watermark High’s first release to be recorded and produced in a studio. 

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1) I’m Not Who I Was (A Minute Ago)

2) Disappear With Me (In Reverie)

3) I Don’t Need Serotonin…

4) Love Made Code

5) I Wish Upon You, Great Misfortune

6) Like The Birds Do

7) No Matter Where I Go, I End Up Me

8) Note To Self

9) To Exist In This World But Not Live In It

10) Show & Tell

11) A Shell-less Snail, A Web-less Frog


“This record is almost insanely pretty” – The Silent Ballet

“If you could touch music, this would feel warm and fuzzy” - Electro Trash

“Evocative and experimental. The Watermark High. Remember that name” – Musical Mover & Shaker

"Loneliness As An Art Form by The Watermark High is incredibly beautiful. True post-rock with the occasional electronic tinge. Very good stuff. Highly recommended" - After The Post-Rock blog forum.

“Every song is bursting with shimmering guitar tones, hammy synth washes and deeply earnest vocals. And they’re tuneful too.” – The Silent Ballet